What is the story behind the 1942 national championship?

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I've always been intrigued by these two seasons, and yes believe as far as poll elected Nattys go, Georgia was absolutely the champion in both of those seasons.

The 1942 season showed Georgia to be a juggernaut. They beat what I believe was the #2 Ga Tech team 34-0, and beat Florida 70 something to 0.

In 1946 they were undefeated and in both seasons they were top or near top of the nation in offense.

In these years the AP released their final poll results before any bowl games were played, and OSU played no bowl game in either year. Georgia I believe won the Sugar and Rose respectively in those seasons. The AP poll always had a bias towards the northern teams during this era. Army also seemed to get the benefit of any doubt in their rankings... just for being Army.

Later analysis by multiple polling services including at some point analyzing with the Sagarin system all showed UGA as the champs.

Even though 1942 is the one we now rightfully claim, I think the 46 season was even more obvious.

God Bless and Go Dawgs

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