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Several of the Urenge folk I work with say Phat Phil did not cast his vote for AU last year. Now anyone who runs the table in the SEC should be in the championship game. Every Philbilly I've talked to says the same thing. So I really don't get it. Could Fullfatmer really think AU wasn't worthy of the game with USC, They beat his phat fanny twice, I'm darn sure AU would have given USC a heck of a better game than OU did. When we lost to LSU twice 2 years ago CMR had so much class when he said LSU got his vote. This BCS thing really has holes in it. Guess we'll just have to play the cards we're delt till it changes. But really makes a good argument for a playoff doesn't it.

Dawgs should get a lot of people some playing time this week. Especially Joe T. I'm not trying to put a cloud over the party, but if DJ gets banged up any we need to have Joe T ready to step in and step up. I love to see DJ run but I also cringe every time he does, we have a heck of a lot riding on this young man and he needs the experience and needs to learn some patience. DJ just wants to make things happen and I understand but he needs the cool head even more, we have some pretty important games coming up. We certainly don't need the injury list like we had 2 years ago. GO DAWGS!!! :D :D :D

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