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TOPIC: Something there is that doesn't love a wall...

Something there is that doesn't love a wall... 4 years 11 months ago #49465

...or a championship in Athens. I apologize to the ghost of Robert Frost for using a line from his poetry as a segue into this, but today I'm feeling metaphoric (which is normal for me.)

It appears, as it stands today, that our erstwhile masterpiece of a season has been exposed. Now, I usually enjoy Sunday morning reads here during football season because of the passion displayed. We, the would be painters of the aforementioned masterpiece, express our vision of the future on this pixellated canvas, drawing from the infinite palette that is the talent in Athens to come up with something we can hang on a wall and say "Look, that's what perfection looks like."

Often times, however, it's splattered with a little myopic gloss symptomatic of a fan base so emotionally attached to our team that what seems to us to be a masterpiece sometimes is, when viewed through a different lens, nothing more than a crayon rendering of a dog and a house drawn by a skittle fueled three year old.

I don't think any of us expected to get through the season unscathed. Sure, probably all of us hoped that we would go undefeated, but the reality is that undefeated is an unrealistic expectation.

So we lost to Scar, and were brought down to earth.

Of course, had we only lost, the fall would not have been from such a height as it feels to have been. Let's face it, the OBC had his boys take us to the woodshed and beat 10 pounds of crap out of us. We both showed up for the dance, but Scar took our best girl and made nasty time with her in the corner while we were left under the glare of the lights, helpless to stop our night from unraveling.

It's not the loss, it's the manner of the loss.

Okay, it's the loss. However, I'm a student of the Bruce Lee approach to life in that there are lessons to be learned from everything, even the bad stuff. What the loss to Scar did is to remove those myopic lenses so we could view our masterpiece with the clarity of 20/20 vision.

I don't think I was alone in trying to explain away how a team with such supposed talent struggled against lesser opponents in the first five games. Rust? Early season jitters? Still haven't gotten all the THC out of our systems? Whatever, we were sure to see the true dawgs arrive at some point.

Well, last night at the dance, she finally showed her true colors. Our beautiful date, so fine and exquisitely built, a lady so fine we have spent hours painting her likeness to Athena on these glowing canvases, was caught in the corner with her finger two-knuckles deep in her left nostril.
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Re: Something there is that doesn't love a wall... 4 years 11 months ago #49479

LimeyDawg, perfect.
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