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TOPIC: Finally back from Missouri

Finally back from Missouri 5 years 1 week ago #48695

I'm FINALLY back....Had a pretty BAD experince with United Airways and WILL NOT EVER fly with them again. We left Atlanta Friday night around 745 after sitting on the run-way for 40mins and headed to Washington DC to catch my connection flight over to St.Louis. We I only had 15mins from the time we land to get from my gate all the way to another terminal to catch my flight. Well when boarding in Atlanta they ran out of room for carry on lougage so we had to put in under the plane and where to get it when we got off the plane in Washington well they couldnt find my wife suitcase when getting off the plane which caused us to miss the flight. And after talking to a manager for United he tells me that they can't help us in any way NO HOTEL NO FOOD NO FLIGHTS NO NOTHING!! That I have to call United to get that so I'm standing there with him and I have a manager on the phone he tells the Manager at the airport is the only one that can do anything for me. By this time I'm HOT!!! It's 12am my wife finally says screw it we'll just go get a room at the Hilton and come back in the morning and catch our now 8:20 am flight. So we where out about 300 bucks just in Washington not including my room rental car and hotel in St.Louis. that I went a head and paid for back a month ago. I finally made it to Missouri Saturday morning around 930 am their time. We're riding down 70 west and I spot a Harrah's casino so of course I gotta stop go in for a couple of hours and came out with 250 less :ohmy: so we finally make the 2 hour drive over to Columbia. We get there get parked meet some nice Missouri fans tell us about the school etc etc and that they think there perfect fit for the SEC...I tell them good luck but your not in the SEC until you get your first SEC win and it won't be tonight...(said that after I got my free hotdog and beer) Now it's game time. I'm seated right by the UGA band about 10 rows up. Stadium def needs some help been to a lot better. I would imagine with some of this SEC money that they now will be getting they will start up grading some stuff. I haven't beeen able to watch the game on tv yet but I still think our O-fense needs a lot of work to be a NO.1 2 or 3 team in the country. Our D won the game for us hands down. And once the 4th quarter hit the Missouri fans went from being nice with the free food and drinks to wanting to fight lol. The Grown Man football chant didn't help any. That's where Murray and CR got the Grown Man Football idea we had about 3000 UGA's yelling it. After the game I did get to meet up with John Jenkins he's fine someone step on his big toe and he just got them done last week so he was upset. JJ is fine says he should be 100% this week and please people if someone is talking don't come up wanting a autograph with your purple shirt on knowing your just there to get autographs to sale later if you had some red and black on he would probably had been more nicer to ya. Tyler Bennett did have ice on his knee after the game but said he would be good. I didn't notice any other injuries. O yeah Strippling has a cast on his right hand now not sure what that's about. But we're back and ready for FLA this week.

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Re: Finally back from Missouri 5 years 1 week ago #48697

Unbelievable stanger, sorry you and your wife had to go through that. With all that had happened to you, I bet you weren't too optomistic into the second qtr....like man, everything is going wrong.

At least you had the last laugh and came home a happy DAWG......maybe a little poorer. :ohmy:
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Re: Finally back from Missouri 5 years 1 week ago #48701

That is one of those stories no one believes unless they were there. Glad Dawgs were able make you feel better with a win. You are correct though. O continues to struggle. They are scoring, but all drives seem to be quick scores. Not many sustained 7 or 8 minute drives for 6. I'm sorry ... I like "old man football". Control the clock with running game. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You can't score as long as I have the ball!

Glad you made it back. Rest up for next week.
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Re: Finally back from Missouri 5 years 1 week ago #48708

If any were wondering here is the series breakdown for the Dawgs:

First Half:
1 - 8 Plays - Punt
2 - 4 Plays - Punt
3 - 9 Plays - Punt
4 - 4 Plays - FG
5 - 4 Plays - Punt
6 - 5 Plays - TD

Second Half:
7 - 4 Plays - Punt
8 - 13 Plays - TD
9 - 6 Plays - Punt
10 - 6 Plays - FG
11 - 2 Plays - TD (After JJ Interception)
12 - 4 Plays - TD (After JJ Forced Fumble)
13 - 4 Plays - Punt
Game Over

If the complaint is that we are not having long sustained drives, it looks like we are doing better at this.
We had 5 series that were 6 plays or longer, that's not bad. Still some work to do, but not bad in a very hostile environment in the first half. There were two series when we had wide open receivers who dropped the ball, and shut down our drives that could have been longer. So yes there is work to be done, but I am seeing improvement.

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Re: Finally back from Missouri 5 years 1 week ago #48713

Good post WoodstockDawg. So right about a couple of balls being dropped. I am glad though to see Marlon Brown showing some of the skill set that he was recruited for. Below is Buck Belue's latest view of UGA football. I try to read and keep up with everything written about our team. Sometimes Buck really makes the hair stand up on my neck, sometimes he actually makes some interesting points.

Buck wrote:
Aaron Murray is playing outstanding. So, why are some of you being critical? Don't get it. Just bumped into a guy at the fitness center and he told me that he was disappointed with Murray's play.
What did I tell him? Told him he was crazy. Should have seen the look on his face.
What is the expectation? Perfection? That's crazy too.
Here is what I like about how he is playing. Aaron is focused on protecting the ball. Love that! But at the same time, he's letting it fly. Totally committed to his throws. No hesitation.
Have there been a few overthrows? Sure. He's hanging the deep ball out there and giving the WR a shot to go get it. Overthrows don't typically get intercepted...underthrows do. Those deep ball shots scare the heck out of the DBs and DCs. And you aren't going to hit all of them.
Murray was under constant pressure in Missouri. The O-Line had a tough 1st half. Theus was limited, with his ankle sprain. He had issues with the speed rush. Couldn't set quick enough. So, the heat was on Aaron. And he hung in there tough. Auburn's Kiehl Frasier would have thrown 5 interceptions. Our guy stood in the pocket strong and made good decisions.
Again, forget about the STAT SHEET. It's about winning. Do what it takes to win. That's what Murray's all about this season.
And this isn't "Pass Skeleton." There is a pass rush in real football and that changes everything in the passing game.
What's wrong with Murray? Nothing. Something must be wrong with you...if you're criticizing this guy.
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