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TOPIC: From Athens- Two Weeks !

From Athens- Two Weeks ! 5 years 1 month ago #47947

Good Morning All,

Two short weeks before kickoff just enough time for me to do a quick tune up and cleaning of the grill.

I have been working it hard all summer. It has passed the severe conditioning drills that I have put it through.

The beer cooler is performing at post season levels.

I am past ready to kick it off.

Two weeks to get ready to enjoy some Bison burgers with Vidalia onions, slaw and the wife’s German potato salad.

Georgia asked if she would like Bison told her no problem it tastes like chicken. Good practice for USC.

It seems we have learned from this past Wednesday’s scrimmage that our QB’s needed to be reminded to hold on to the ball.

CMR was more than slightly displeased with ball security.

IMO it was a good thing to have happen in practice and not in a game such as last year with USC.

Not many good things happen when you put the ball on the turf.

This will get the much needed attention during upcoming practices for sure. A very good thing.

To my thinking this team is much like we were after the loss to USC and starting 0-2.

After the two losses to end last season we handed back some of the swagger gained with the 10 wins in a row.

Both players and coaches have not liked the feeling that has been carried for the past 8 months.

CTG has made this issue a teaching point since our OT loss to MSU.

A new on the field conversation starts in 14 days.

Buffalo will be a chance for us to practice against somebody besides a team mate.

Then one week later

Night game-ESPN-big stage.

Dawgs will be ready to continue the conversation

CTG’s – V.3-defense will impress. Remember speed never takes a day off.

Would not be surprised to see a pick 6 or fumble returned for a TD

Dawgs maul kitties by two scores- and play a bunch of fresh faces.

Remember to thank a vet this week. Our lives would be not the same without their service.

Pause and give thanks

Have great weekend and a safe week

As always “Go Dawgs”- Our team-Our Time – No Regrets!
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Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens- Two Weeks ! 5 years 1 month ago #47948

yankeedawg1, think it was time for Mark Richt to snarl a bit. There comes a time when patience can become very thin and I believe Richt's patience is very, very thin. Good reason for that of course is all of the trust he has put into these young pups coming on campus and turning a blind eye to someone who cares. Could be witnessing a change in coaching tactics.

Another reason, when your starting quarterback and those that are backing him up start to let their minds fade from the task at hand. Quarterbacks have to lead by example, last scrimmage did not show a lot of leadership from the signal callers. AM does talk a good game, this is the season to make a serious mark and show maturity. He has a lot of time in grade.

Good side of the coin appears to be what many of us thought would be a downside. Of course that has not played itself out at this point, but looking at the information provided, the offensive line is as been said previously, getting offensive. Sometimes being just a little "nasty" rubs off on the way offensive linemen play, usually ends up getting the opponents attention. Not talking chop blocks here, just get in your face and protect ones territory. Below are a couple of things that I picked up on the internet, and must add this . . . becoming a backer of Will Friend . . . this is the way it started with Todd Grantham.

Information from around the internet . . .

"If you're going to be a football player, at some point you're going to have to take a stand," Georgia Bulldogs offensive line coach Will Friend said. "Some guys don't."

Fortunately for Friend, freshman John Theus is not one of those guys. Friend and Theus both admit the newcomer is a long way from becoming a dominant college player -- but Theus isn't backing down against older, more physically developed competition.

Watch him push and shove with senior defensive end Cornelius Washington after a drill during practice and you'll see that Theus isn't afraid to compete.

"He definitely has a lot of spunk about him, that's for sure," Washington said with a smile. "I can tell because at the end of a rep, I'm done at the end of the rep and he wants to keep going. The rep's over with, so let's move on along. But he's a pretty good guy. I think he's going to be big here."

I had wondered about Greg Pyke, seems Chris Burnette knows some things.

And yet Georgia's players and coaches expect not only that Theus will start, but that fellow true freshman Greg Pyke could also contribute this season if necessary.

"After seeing them work out and just seeing the way that they've caught onto the plays, I feel like they can help us in some capacity now," said junior Chris Burnette, who is working ahead of Pyke at right guard. "Just looking back at my freshman year, I don't feel like I was anywhere near as prepared as they are. I feel like they know the stuff. I feel like they have the size and the strength and I feel like they can help us if they need to. And I think the big thing that matters is their own confidence. If they believe they can help us, then they will."

If this offensive line matures this season, and looking forward, it appears with the recently committed O-linemen, maybe one of our major problems has begun to subside. As we have said before . . . ball snapped, contact starts with the offensive linemen. Appears these newcomers like contact. 2012 is going to be a very interesting year . . . . me thinks. :)

Sorry yd1, time of the year when I have no control over my gray matter. My time to look at the whole picture and look for improvement. Several questions need to be answered this season, Mark Richt is aware of that, can fray ones nerves.

Love "tater salad" it does however tend to make me shall I say, larger . . . Good on you yd1, feel that you will be hearing some "inside" information to pass along soon.

Go Dawgs!! :)
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Re: From Athens- Two Weeks ! 5 years 1 month ago #47949

Dawgs maul kitties by two scores- and play a bunch of fresh faces.(Quote from yd1)

yd1 I agree with you 100 percent hope everybody has a great weekend.:)

JHC And C Moore will be in beast mode for this game they will not give DGB a chance to catch a pass!

Best picture award!!!
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How Bout them Dawgs!!!!!!!

Ride it like you stole it
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