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TOPIC: From Athens- One week closer

From Athens- One week closer 5 years 1 month ago #47886

Good Morning All,

I have noticed from other threads this week how more is being said on what it means to our offense having to go up against CTG “D” each practice. (This is when the ones play the ones)

We called this out early last year on this board.

IMO without question we face the best “D” in practice than that of any the teams on our schedule.

Talk about OJT.

The flip side to this coin is our “D” is being pushed by one of the better “O”’s in practice each day also.

Win Win for sure!

We are now getting word that DA is more than holding his own against JJ. We need him to be the rock in the middle of our “O” line for sure.

I am sure you have heard were Jarvis has taken on getting Theus ready play in the SEC . He has made this a personal promise. There is no letter I in teamwork. Good on you JJ

Much has been said about CTG’s “Tude” now we are hearing CWF has some fire also. It is carrying over to his players also.

This “O” line will get the job done with just a little game experience to go with the schooling they are getting each day in practice.

CWF has taken a page out of CTG's book about building depth. A very good thing.

In fact going forward we can look forward to CTG’s next guy in taking hold across our entire team.

I like it a lot!

Before the end of this season this line will take over and control the clock and game.

I am talking some beat down run the ball for first downs!! football.

Two tight ends and the fullback lead blocker hammer down until you reach the goal line

Buc,you have often spoke about your love for big ugly “O” linemen. I think you have your wish with this group and CWF. Add a measure of pure nasty to the mix as well.

No question that the talent is there and CWF is coaching them up each day in practice.

Earlier this summer I wrote about how many would say it is the same old song coming out of Athens and not much have changed.

To which I added the words might be the same but the chorus has changed.

I stand by that statement.

I ask who do we play this year that has us written down as an easy win?

Two years ago I spoke about how Sanford would become CTG’s House of Pain.
JJ and crew will add more truth to this statement this season.

Teams now have to prepare like they were facing a Bama or LSU type “D” playing the Dawgs.

I am all in for this group of Dawgs.

No asterisks.

Just play hard every down with complete effort that’s all I ask, the same as you should ask of yourself.

Wear the “G” with pride.

Our Team- Our Time- No Regrets! One week closer!

Pause and give thanks

Have a great weekend and a safe week.

As always “Go Dawgs”
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Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens- One week closer 5 years 1 month ago #47887

yankeedawg1, again you make some very good points. Reading between your lines I feel one of the main things you are pointing out is the way business is getting done in Athens. The main ingredient that I draw from your post is the "I" and "Team" factors. Not too far back, sorry to say, we had not only the "I's" on the field playing the game of football, we had "I's" that were calling themselves SEC coaches. Much has changed, and there is still room for further improvement.

Many or some might disagree with this, but it plays to the point you made in this weeks "Blue Plate Special". This offense might not have all of the pieces, but it does have more than maybe some of the media folks fail to recognize. AM will make many changes in his style of play this year, that is a good thing. The single biggest thing that AM can and will do is "lead" this group on offense. Anyone in any profession knows there has to be someone to put direction into the plan. AM knows the plan from top to bottom and went to the Manning Camp to add more to what he already knows . . . that is leadership and the folks that play on "both" sides of the UGA team will respond to that. When we have leaders such as JJ and AM, how far the team goes depends on the coaches and what they do with what they have.

While Will Friend came into a situation that many of us were concerned about, he is as you say, taking the bull by the horns, seems to have that same fire in the gut that Todd Grantham has. If we get Tunsil (there I go again) to sign on, Will Friend will be celebrated much like Todd Grantham is.

Some in the media are trying to raise the issue of having too many left tackles and who is going to play the position . . . . BS. Give me a handful of players than can play the left tackle position and I will show you an outstanding offensive line. What Friend is apparently going to do this season with one of the top rated left tackles in the country coming out of high school impresses me. Theus will be our starting right tackle and he will be outstanding.

Andrews is going to be super. Young pup has heart and intelligence. There was another David sometime back that took on a giant and some of us know the outcome.

Sorry to be so long, every year around this time I try to look at the overall and the overall is looking better everyday to me. Lots of good teams in the SEC, we are one of them if one believes in the polls. Good thing I haven't had my second cup of coffee . . . . :)

Good Friday read YD1, you hit a couple of my buttons.

See or have the chance to thank a Veteran, do so, they appreciate it. I appreciate them.

Go Dawgs, coach'em up!
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Re: From Athens- One week closer 5 years 1 month ago #47888

Good Friday morning all. As always, YD1, you start my day off getting me fired up and ready to go. I am ready to go. The more I hear "Our Team - Our Time - No Regrets" I like it.

It can't be anything but positive when the D takes it upon themselves to take the O line under their wings and get them ready. Love the friendly competition between those two groups.

Have a wonderful day and Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens- One week closer 5 years 1 month ago #47891

yd1 thanks for the post own friday makes my day hope everybody has a great weekend PROUD TO BE A DAWG!!!!!
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How Bout them Dawgs!!!!!!!

Ride it like you stole it
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Re: From Athens- One week closer 5 years 1 month ago #47905

As usual, wonderful post yd1.

From your mouth to God's ears when speaking of our OL.

Plus and minus thoughts:

1. Raw talent
2. CWF coached
3. Practice against best front 7 in college football

4. Inexperienced.....especially against SEC D's
5. Lack of depth....PRAY FOR NO INJURIES
6. We say they practice against our great D but realistically I doubt the 1's going against 1's doesn't happen that often.

Still feel this is our critical area and a huge one at that. Starting to feel a little better after seeing the practice video Buc posted......with exception of right guard.

We'll see, hoping for the best. Believe our whole season hinges on our OL. Just my opinion though.

Having a cool one for you right now yd1.....hope everybody has a great weekend and great coming week. We are off to the beach for the week for a little R&R.......with computer and Dawg forum in hand of course !!!!!
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