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TOPIC: Talking SEC Championship

Talking SEC Championship 3 years 11 months ago #47802

This link talks about all the things we do in regards to why we will or will not win the SEC and eventually the NC.
They give good props to CTG and the D and point out some glaring problems we also have. Like I said nothing we don't discuss here. Let's see if you agree or not.

This may have been posted earlier and I just missed it. PLEASE forgive me if it is a repost.
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Re: Talking SEC Championship 3 years 11 months ago #47807

TN Dawg, I am certainly one of those on board with CTG and what he has accomplished with the players and their attitudes toward football. Do however have to point this fact out. The suspensions that are piling up appear to be on the defensive side of the ball. Have to ask this question, it has been asked about Mark Richt.

Is there a lack of "off field" attention being displayed by the players. Are they not listening to what is being preached by their coaches, if that is the case. Seems a bit strange to me that we are not hearing much said about the defensive coaches, and their lack of getting through to their players. We accuse Mark Richt of being "soft" with the players, maybe some of that can be pointed in another direction. Just saying, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Chase Vasser. Too often the excuse given for some of the displays of youth off the field is their age. Well, Vasser is 21 years of age, not 19. He has seen many before him slip and surely understands the consequences. Looks to me that "next man up" is going to pretty much hurt Vasser's career between the hedges. When players like Ramik Wilson take over a position, they don't do that with the thoughts of moving back once they have started.

Can't say that I am surprised . . . Just disappointed again. Step up Ramik, this is your time.

Edit: While I am still on the stump and I apologize TN Dawg if I am on the wrong track in your thread.

kentdaddy spent much time on this board discussing the NCAA and some of their decisions or lack thereof. Best I remember, he cautioned that the power Emmert and his gang have will not move football forward.

Latest thought being Emmert and his decision on Houston. I will say only this. Emmert hit Penn State hard, and maybe not hard enough in some folks opinions. Now we have Emmert's reasoning for Houston not being eligible to play this season. NCAA has a long memory and don't forget about television contracts and the UGA involvement in winning against the NCAA on the issue. Emmert cannot and will not budge on Houston, if he (they) did so, the Penn State faithful would be all over him. As stated in other places, science does not matter in the Houston case. Definitely a show of power on Emmert's part. Again, just saying.
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