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TOPIC: From Athens-"The Birds"

From Athens-"The Birds" 4 years 1 month ago #47692

Good Morning All,

I think that the summer’s drama was written by none other than Alfred Hitchcock!

More twists and turns than driving from Dahlonega to Dalton through the Chattahoochee Forest.

The late night ride of IC, which IMO will turn out in our favor long term.

CW’s tweet about this mess which was more like a brain fart than a tweet.

We had players quitting the team, and then rejoining the team.

Having to listen to the Ole Ball Sack during media days crying about most everything.

I would love to go to USC and hang 50 points on the visor. Board up his ass and mouth for 12 months. Early Christmas present!

The movie shootings in Colorado, children and grandchildren being hugged just a little bit tighter this week.

What struck me is that 3 different men covered their girlfriend’s body to save them while giving up their lives. I don’t think all of our society has gone bad.

PSU, Buc you pointed out that we have just seen the first chapter. Much more to follow before the end is seen.

This has produced what amounts to a “Free Agent” pool of experienced BCS college players.

Available to play this season for another school if they choose.

This will have an impact on several schools that acquire these players.

Fair becomes good,good becomes better, those schools that were just a player away from competing for a league championship, Now ?

It may cause Vegas to rethink after the dust settles.

I know we are in the hunt for talent. Playing time would not be in question.

This also brings into play all the players that were being recruited and committed to PSU.

There is going to be a flurry of activity in the coming weeks for sure.

Pause and give thanks

Have a great weekend and a safe week

As always “Go Dawgs”
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Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens-"The Birds" 4 years 1 month ago #47693

yankeedawg1, has been a mixed bag in sports for sure. Interesting to me to watch the different reactions of college coaches in regards to the PSU internal mess. Amazing how one person can destroy so many lives. Sandusky for one and the Theatre Killer for two.

Thoughts go out to wlayton and his family.

Several long time posters returning to the board, always a good thing.

Hoping that all is well with you and your family. High five to Georgia. :)
  • Buc
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Re: From Athens-"The Birds" 4 years 1 month ago #47711

Great and thorough post yd1......

I'm not so sure there is going to be as many PSU players available as many think. Seems most are sticking together.....either stubborness or defience.
  • wlayton
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Re: From Athens-"The Birds" 4 years 1 month ago #47712

.... or the kind of loyalty and dedication to a team that we all want from our players.
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The sun shines on a different Dawg every day
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Re: From Athens-"The Birds" 4 years 1 month ago #47713

Just thought this was worth posting a Georgia (pit)bulldog saves his owners life twice.

Hope everybody has a great weekend! time to go Dawgs

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How Bout them Dawgs!!!!!!!

Ride it like you stole it
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