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TOPIC: Top 2012 coaches

Top 2012 coaches 5 years 2 months ago #47649

Found this interesting. An article analyzing coaches on their ability to build-up a program over a five year period. Can not argue with the ranking of coaches using that criteria. Richt comes in at 19.


19. Mark Richt, Georgia
If he was at almost any other school he’d be a legend with 10 winning seasons in 11 years, seven double-digit win campaigns, five SEC East titles and six top 10 finishes in 10 years with four in the top six. And it’s not enough. With Florida, LSU, Auburn, and Alabama winning national titles in the SEC’s recent amazing run, Georgia is waiting for its turn at bat.

Richt was great at taking the program from Point A to Point B, but is that it? The SEC East-winning 2011 season got him off the hot seat for now, but that was partly due to a schedule that missed all the big boys from the West until the SEC title game. But does he have control over his program? With problem after problem with rules violations, including issues with safety Bacarri Rambo and linebacker Alec Ogletree, what should be a fun 2012 is starting out to be anything but.

But what I would really like to see is the rankings of these same coaches using the criteria "ability to take the next step".

I look at Spurrier. He has taken a notably mediocre program and put it on the map for BCS consideration. He did the same thing at UF and went on to win NC's. My point being that UGA has always had talent. What are we missing? Or am I just way off base here?
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Re: Top 2012 coaches 5 years 2 months ago #47656

TN Dawg, you make a couple of very good points.

Not sure of course, but think that Mark Richt is in a transition stage. Not too hard to figure, Grantham makes the point, I think.

I don't believe Richt would be coaching at this point if he did not want to reach a higher goal than he has reached thus far. Think the 64,000 dollar question is can he make that last step. He was very successful soon after arriving in Athens. The stats that were provided prove that to be true.

Not only did Richt end up with Grantham, in my opinion by making that hire, Richt got a couple of coaches that are there because of Grantham. This is not a shot at Richt, personally would like to have had Grantham on board during the Willie years. If this or similar "overall" coaching team had been together for several years, I would bet that we would either have won or played in a National Championship Game. There can be no discussion to the contrary that Georgia has not been short of talent.

Saban, Meyer, Miles and Spurrier are not the Dean of Coaches in the SEC, Richt is. Spurrier was here and left, but he also learned a hard lesson in Washington, same lesson that I think Richt learned when he came to the realization that hiring "friends" don't equal winning championships. I think that McGarity has been in Mark Richt's ear big time about moving forward, and that can be done with or without the present people. McGarity relieved Richt of some duties and in return he wants results. Just the way I see things at this point. :)
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Re: Top 2012 coaches 5 years 2 months ago #47657

More thoughts TN Dawg. Don't think that you are off base at all.

Going back in time to the 50's and 60's, one thing we could be sure of, there would be change in the automobile business every year. What happened in that day and time works the same way today, I think.

Auto body styles changed every year, total new looks and motors and everyone looked forward to the new product. Sadly I say that UGA has not been in the change mode for far too many years. Too easy to pick the product apart, and other inventive minds come along and change things and you have a winning formula. Spurrier did that, Saban has done that, Meyer also. Miles still tries to beat folks up with power and speed, tough guy attitude, he in my mind is more like Mark Richt. By that I mean sticking with the same product longer than some.

Grantham brought a new concept to UGA, first the players bought into the new product, then most of us jumped on board and approved of the changes we were seeing before our eyes. As mentioned, UGA always has above average football players. Sometimes it takes someone to look out rather than continue on the same path to get results. Supporters of UGA have every right to expect "more". Talent wise we have to take a back seat to no one.

Any team, whether in business or sports is only as good as its leader or leaders. Grantham and his team of coaches have many in this country saying we are a top five defense. That is good, very good. Comes down to understanding what the competition is doing and why they are successful.

I look at our upcoming season and the young men that will wear the Red and Black and I see a tremendous amount of talent. I fear that losing a couple of games to some of our most "hated", change that . . . "disliked" opponents, there will be some things said that will shake the foundation as we know it, causing an unrest that I think still lingers from previous years to raise its head again and have detrimental effects on UGA football.

Personally, I stand on the outside at this point. I support our university and coaches, do however think there are some changes that could be made that are not evident at this point. Many questions on this "Model of Dawgs", the 2012 Model, will be answered soon. Will it be as popular as the 55 and 57 Chevy, or will it be more along the lines of the Ford Edsel . . . .

TN Dawg, think that you bring up a very good subject that I know many on this board have a deep interest in. Whether pro or con, this is a good thread to lay it out. Thanks.

Go Dawgs, Coach'em Up!! :)
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Re: Top 2012 coaches 5 years 2 months ago #47663

Good read Buc. Interestingly enough, cars back in the 50's and 60's are worth 5 to 10 times what cars of today are worth and probably only go up in value versus new cars going down.

BUT.....your point is well taken, the cars of today are MUCH more technologically advanced and superior mechanically than "back in the day" (even though not as much fun)........hope CMR and staff follows suit.
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Re: Top 2012 coaches 5 years 2 months ago #47664

This has nothing to do with this thread but it is good news about M Mitchell.

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