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TOPIC: From Athens -HSH

From Athens -HSH 5 years 3 months ago #47069

Good Morning All,

Back to the real world, it was a good mini-vacation. But..Home Sweet Home!

Thanks Buc for your “Fill in Friday”. Your thread started me thinking about the other coaches we have on our defense staff.

CTG has center stage and rightly so. To me he has proven his salt. Todd is both a great teacher and motivator.

CRG-CKO and CML provide him a group he feels very comfortable and confident with.

Same page same book, a very good thing

CTG challenges his staff like himself and his players.

I spoke here about the team’s 2012 motto-

Our Team- Our Time- No Regrets

The “NO Regrets” has CTG fingerprints all over it.

We have coaches that are good people and care deeply about their players and UGA football.

CTG leads from the front and by example. Love it!

Our players and their families also understand the no BS from our coaches; this is one reason we have enjoyed the recruiting success of late.

Just after the mess in Tampa CMB and CTG started spending more time together talking UGA football. It continued during spring ball and on into the summer.

This can only benefit CMB and the offense and overall UGA football.I said before that this is CMB make or break season.Truth known,for us to be succesful CMB needs to step up and grow into his job.

No question he has had enough OJT. Time is now! for him and our offense.

I share this from another site as it sums up why I think we can expect CTG to be in Athens for a good while. A very good thing!

Grantham is a certified workaholic and rarely goes a day without analyzing some football video.

But if he's not up to his neck X's and O's, he's probably at one of Oconee County's ballparks.

His son Corbin, 11, "loves anything with a ball" and is playing one sport or another every season. Daughter Olivia, 8, also plays softball and enjoys equestrian. So Todd and his wife Paige carry their Georgia "G" fold-out chairs everywhere they go so they can sit back and watch their kids.

I enjoy watching them play more than anything," Grantham said. "It's fun. Both of them like to fish, too, which is something I like to do. They like to fish because I like to fish."

This reminds me of seeing Grantham after the Missy State game last season. He had a cold beer in one hand, was talking on his phone, all while refereeing a 2-hand touch parking lot football game with the coaches' kids. It's one thing to be a workaholic; it's something else to be able to multitask.

Georgia has gotten over her “Mood” after being at the kennel for four days so life is good again.

Pause and give thanks

Have a great weekend and a safe week.

As always “Go Dawgs”
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Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens -HSH 5 years 3 months ago #47070

Good Morning, vacations are fun and filled with anticipation, there however is not place like home. You are so right.

Had read the message that you posted from another board, and as you say, there is much to be gathered from a man like Grantham. Personally, think that Todd Grantham is a "big kid" himself and that is said with a lot of respect.

Our defensive leader has more than one side to him, as witnessed from the sidelines against Florida and our meeting with Franklin in Nashville.

I was not aware that Mike Bobo and Grantham were spending time together. That to me speaks volumes. Have said on this board before that I believe one of the reasons that Mike Bobo was in the "Box" calling the plays, was Grantham would probably have had one of his Nashville days with Mike on the sideline with him at an earlier point in Grantham coming to Athens.

Three folks concerned with UGA Athletics and more to the point "Football" received raises recently. There is a reason for that. At one point Grantham had been called on the carpet, but we all see how that turned out. Grantham gets loud ovations everywhere he goes, there is a reason for that also.

Grantham also was an offensive lineman in college, think maybe that has paid off in later years coaching the defense, I do. Truly Grantham is a student of the game . . . . still.

Understand leaving our close "animal children" and returning to lips extended for a short period. Go through that from time to time. Our Grand Dog is with us for a period of time while my teacher daughter is on vacation. Savannah is her name and she was retrieved from a shelter in Orlando 7/8 years ago adopted. Savannah came to us from Louisiana, she was one of the fortunate ones that survived the catastrophic hurricane some years back. We have become very attached.

Glad to see you back, at the present there is a really good thread that thriller started and many that have been quiet on the board are in with both feet.

I say this to all Dads that view this board and those that don't, have a great Father's Day.

Go Dawgs . . . Coach'em Up! :)
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