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TOPIC: 2012 . . . Let's Move Forward

2012 . . . Let's Move Forward 4 years 11 months ago #46964

How much does coaching play into recruiting. . . . . and other things concerning UGA Football.

Spent this weekend looking at the different recruiting services and where they have the different schools positioned in the 2013 Class.

At this point it appears that Alabama is in the lead with many services and very close in others. Alabama has gathered their high ranking with 14 scholarship players accepting to play in Tuscaloosa, they still have scholarhips open. Here is where the rubber meets the road . . . . If I were forced to make a decision on who their next commitments will be for the 2013 class, would go something like this. Don’t know that these young folks will go to Alabama, but I sure feel that they are in the running for all the players mentioned below, and will probably end up with others that many of us are not aware of. Bear Bryant had the same power when he was around.

Robert Nkemdiche, Reuben Foster and a very good chance that Laremy Tunsil will sign on with Alabama. That would certainly make a difference in the ratings if we are prone to think that the “stars” mean that much.

Takes me back to what coaching has to do with signing the “high school superstars”. Saban has done such a good job in Tuscaloosa, many of the athletes that many universities want and have commitments from will still take the time to speak with Saban/Smart. What they have to offer is the “truth”. They play for championships. Two of the last three MNC’s now rest in Tuscaloosa with the total count being 15 #1’s over the years I think.

I remember us taking a Saban coached Alabama team out in Tuscaloosa under Mark Richt. Seems that much has changed since that victory. They remembered and came to Athens a short time later and showed us how college football should be played. In my opinion, that is when we really began to slip, we were never quite the same after that nationally televised night game. There were many things said on this board about “Blackouts” and other things. Fact is, they were prepared and kicked our butts.

Saban has a way of getting through and not all coaches can do that. We saw many Alabama coaches fail prior to Saban leaving the Miami Dolphins and moving himself and his supporting cast to college football. Like him or not, he is getting the job done. Ask Miles at LSU about the MNC game if he is a believer. Saban does not like losing, takes it personally. That is why he is paid the big bucks, in many coaching circles it is called RESULTS.

Now, this is not a shot at Mark Richt, to the contrary. What I think I am seeing and I hope this is the truth. The coaching philosophy started to change when as I mentioned above, the WM way of coaching did not and would never have produced anything close to what Saban/Smart have accomplished. What has happened at the University of Georgia, the Red and Black, some Silver mixed in is a serious attitude change along with coaching philosophies.

First things first. Grantham and Mac were hired. Evans and WM are long gone and that is a plus for those of us that care about the University of Georgia. Both ended their time in Athens with “performances” that were not close to being acceptable. If WM had not been released when he was, Mark Richt would not be the Head Coach of UGA Football today. The “hot seat” talk started long before WM was released. I think when Mark Richt had to release WM, he became a better college football coach. He was rocking along with good numbers, but there were many of us that were not satisfied with watching really talented young men not playing up to their capabilities. Seems we once again had slipped into that famous quote . . . . “Party School of the South”, maybe the entire nation. All we have to do is look back, and I might add, don’t care about the other schools and what they did or did not do. Look back and our fortunes on the football field are clearly going in the wrong direction at that point in time.

Recent happenings to UGA Football. McGarity, Richt and Grantham all have new contracts. Most of us have read what the contracts contain. Now it is time for the above mentioned “leaders” to suck it up and move our program forward. There will not be any changes in the foreseeable future in the leadership of our football team. That puts me in a position of pulling for and supporting UGA Football. Does not mean that I cannot criticize and scream at my television set or post on this board my feelings of either joy or . . . . What the hell is going on, how can any coach or player be that damn stupid.

We need to continue to build on the leaders hirings and make this talent rich team in 2012 become a force to elevate UGA Football. Comes down to the same type leadership that we see in Tuscaloosa. 2012 could very well be the year that “building a fence around the Georgia Borders” takes meaning.

Started to say again, sorry for being so long, not this time. As I and others have said on this board . . . . Coach’em Up, let’s keep our young men home, do that and maybe we win some of the games against SS and others.

One of the first comments I made when I came to this board was . . . . I don't like Steve Spurrier and his loud mouth ways. He however has beat us two years in a row, unheard of when we discuss South Carolina/UGA. Guess that comes under "coaching" also.

Fall practice starts, our offense gets to face what many in the country think is a top five defensive team. That should be a good thing, might give our offensive coaches a good understanding of what we have and how we will use "all that talent". If the offensive line can make a decent showing against this group . . . . who knows. :)

Edit: After posting this thread, moved over to the internet and see that Naim Mustafaa has chosen to play for UGA. From what I can gather, Rodney Garner played a huge role in Naim's decision to move away from Georgia Tech and back to UGA. Looked at some film on Naim and he appears to be sold on Todd Grantham. This is what I was trying to express above . . . . Coaches and Athletic Director are in place for some time to come. CTG has this "thing" about getting after the quarterback, looking at some film on Mustafaa on ESPN, young fellow smiled when talking about quarterback hits. This young man will probably be a Defensive End, he is going to be big (bigger) and fast (4.7-40). CTG has to be beside himself with this commit. Welcome, don't stop, find some help along the offensive line, the likes of Kublanow. :)
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Re: 2012 . . . Let's Move Forward 4 years 11 months ago #46967

Thinking about the contract that McGarity and Grantham agreed upon brought back some thoughts of quotes that I have read before.

When Smart was considering leaving Alabama (not totally convinced he was really considering) Saban made the same statement to Kirby Smart that McGarity proposed to Todd Grantham. Lateral move. Lateral moves don't work, neither in the favor of School, Fans, AD or Coach. Thinking about McGarity including that in Grantham's contract pleases me. Tells me that both sides know that these coaches are destined to be head coaches at some point. McGarity and Saban using the same language rates high with me. Appears that McGarity is just exactly what UGA needed in the AD position. Mac is about winning.
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