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TOPIC: From Athens-"No Regrets"

From Athens-"No Regrets" 4 years 4 months ago #46851

Good Morning All,

Our Team – Our Time – No Regrets

This has been making the rounds here in Athens and on some other sites as the 2012 team motto.

I spoke here several times about how you can only change the conversation one way and that is on the playing field.

Anything else is hype, coach speak or just plain trash talk.

However, when understood there are two very powerful words in that team motto.

“No Regrets” if our players truly understand what those two words mean we will have a memorable season.

Anyone past the age of 40 can make a list of “things” that they have done or not done and the feeling of regret that goes with those choices.

Erk and CTG would both put their stamp of approval about playing without any regrets on your effort for any given play.

When Mac and CTG arrived on campus we all “Hoped” that change for the good was on the way.

To see what the both have done in a short amount of time is very encouraging.

Mac has set the tone that nothing short of excellent will be tolerated.

Two examples Jay Clark and CMR new performance based contract. Love it!

The word I am getting off campus is that there will be many new “looks” for both the “O” and “D” this year.

Yes we have heard the song before, but I think it is being song by a different chorus.

One of the locals heard in conversation from JJ how the “D” this year knows what to do, and is able to react at full speed. No substitute for experience.

This makes a huge difference.

Buc speaks about letting the Dogs loose.

No problem here CTG does not believe in chains or collars.

I was drinking a cold one and walking with Georgia and it struck me who this year’s “D” reminds me of!

Da Bears of the Buddy Ryan era.

With JJ and KW in the game at the same time we will have both a fridge and freezer playing on our “D” line. Don’t see us giving up to many yards up the middle on a run with those two.

OK all together now, we have a creampuff schedule.

If our first real game is in Atlanta on 12/1 lets enjoy the ride getting there.

Mayor Wlayton,I am going out to the island this weekend and check for any damage after Beryl past by this part weekend.

I hope that you and any of the other Florida Dawgs did not receive any storm damage.

Two things will happen on Oct 6th.

1. The visor will hit the turf a record number of times in Columbia
2. Dawgs will choke the chickens for a “W”

You can bet CTG and his off the chain Dawgs are burning the oil to make this happen.

Pause and give thanks

We are blessed

Have a great weekend and a safe week

As always “Go Dawgs”!!!
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Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens-"No Regrets" 4 years 4 months ago #46852

yankeedawg1, a lot of past football seasons about this time of year show a change in emotions.

This is as excited as I have been in many years about our noted gains, resulting as you say since Mc and Grantham came on board. There is nothing that I like better than "proof positive".

Just like the peddler making those cold calls, the door continually gets shut in your face, but the peddler that continues to knock on that door will usually get results. I think that is what has happened to our defensive side of the ball. As mentioned before, we will see just how good the Grantham led side of the ball does in the Fall, have been knocking on that door for three years.

Always glad to get news out of Athens.

Hope the "three" of you have a great weekend. :)
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Re: From Athens-"No Regrets" 4 years 4 months ago #46855

Great post yd1....spot on. The D will carry the team all year while the OL matures and gets experience. "Shut Down D" (SDD for short yd1)......total confidence in CTG and the SDD.

Thanks for making the effort to check out the "island", hopefully there won't be ANY need to inhabit said island this year. Beryl was basically a "non-event" typically sensationalized by the media. Sure some wind gusts and rain but geez, we had more severe thunderstorms yesterday that did much more damage than 'ole Beryl and we live in Ponte Vedra Beach right where Beryl came inland. Everything is fine in our neck of the woods. Just "hunkered down", had a cool one and let Beryl water my yard.

Have a great weekend yd1 and thank you for your usual great Friday post. (toast one to ya tonight!) ;) :)
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