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TOPIC: From Athens- TGIF

From Athens- TGIF 5 years 4 months ago #46771

Good Morning All,

This past Monday I had Moh Surgery to remove a basal carcinoma from my scalp. It was successful “Thank you God”

Being bald and not prone to wearing a hat provided me this opportunity.

I will start a peel process in late June to remove the rest of the pre- cancerous spots to avoid having to have the slice and dice routine again.

Hats and sunscreen are my new life style.

Hear me now –listen to me later. No fun factor on this project!

There has been a flurry of threads on other sites about CTG and how his defenses stack up against Bama and LSU.

Taking in to account that he has only been in Athens for two years it is difficult at best to see this as an apples to apples comparison.

Both Bama and LSU have longer recruiting times to build their defenses and that CTG has but two years of SEC experience relearning the college game.

I rather look at the last two years of CWM –vs- CTG’s first two. Keep in mind that CTG was teaching a completely new defense.

There has also been talk about CTG having his “tude” rubbing off on CMR.

When hearing CMR speak this spring about this year’s team and season it shows. A very good thing!

The numbers are starting to add up in the Dawg’s favor.

Third year for AM

Second year for IC,JJ and JJ-two- insert a host of other player also in year 2
Depth building- love it !

Second year of CJT and his S & C program plus we added two gold chip assistants to the program.

Second year for CWF – we are still learning about him but my money says we will see his value this season.

Third year for CTG’s defense. Knowing CTG nature we can and will see more progress from our “D”

Our front “7” will be nothing short of awesome! Looking forward to our added depth.We will be a fresh defense for the entire game.

I have spoke of this before,this team is just plain flat out pissed and mad.

Players,coaches,trainers yes even the bus drivers.

After working to right the ship after the first two games they let down in the last two to muddy the progress made.

Time has passed but the memory of MSU last drive burns brightly with this team and coaches.

With UF last year no way would the Dawg’s leave JAX without a “W”.

Our game in Columbia, first SEC game for Mizzou.

Night game and in primetime.

Big stage.-

Dawg’s and Russ without the funky uniforms take care of business,lessons learned.

Pause and give thanks

Have a great weekend and a safe week. Enjoy a frostie or two!

As always “Go Dawgs”
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Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens- TGIF 5 years 4 months ago #46772

Total agreement on the sun screen and here in the "Sunshine State" trying to get an appointment with a Dermotologist is virtually impossible. yankeedawg1, much like the game of football, preparation is where it all begins. Sounds as if you have this under control, good on you.

Total agreement on the thread, your comparisons between the coaches and time in grade are point on. Do see the difference in Mark Richt's attitude, think that has been mentioned. McGarity seems to have fire in his eyes also, much like Jeremy Foley at Florida. Success is demanded when you coach at a Georgia or Florida or a SEC school.

Really glad to finally get to see "Georgia" . . . . great avatar. :)

Good on you also and don't forget the Veterans, they are a special group. :)
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Re: From Athens- TGIF 5 years 4 months ago #46778

Spot on yd1 and appropriate analysis comparing CTG with CWM instead of against BAMA and LSU.......very reasonable imo.

Brain is tired today....long week, so have a great weekend.....a cool one...... go down to the bookstore to get a new DAWG hat.....or three. ;)
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