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TOPIC: From Athens- G-Game plus one week

From Athens- G-Game plus one week 5 years 5 months ago #46655

Good Morning All,

What a beautiful day, G-Game 2012. Weather was nothing short of perfect.

Blue sky, temp was 77,add in a cooling breeze a day to remember.

My take a ways;

Ramik Wilson – looking more like Jarvis, he will make be a force this year- dead on Buc with your forecast on this young man. He also had a pick.

Ray Drew – Big fast and cat quick -he will see PT, has a great mentor in CW. Ray is a hitter. Gets to the ball in a hurry and knows what top do when he gets there. Another example of CTG’s depth building. Love it!

Artie Lynch – 6’7” 272… extra wide body and AM’s new best friend. He will be the source of pain for opponents this coming season. Can do more than just block. I watched Jason Witten play at UT for his college career. Artie has the same type body. I see 3rd and short conversions all game long with him.

IC- he ran hard, as did KM good to see. IC looked less lost in the backfield; he did not have to check with AM each play for blocking assignments. He made a nice catch and run for a first down. Yes Margret he can catch a pass. I like it a lot. Fact is more passes to backs in this game than I can remember, all for good gains. Maybe a hint of something to come this season? One can hope! I am not ready just yet to say IC has turned the corner however you can see a great deal of work he has done to improve as a player and as a teammate.

I don’t think so many of his fellow teammates would be speaking out in support of him if there wasn’t any truth to his attitude change.

All good here.

AM & TK did hook up for a TD, TK is one block away from taking it to the house on every sideline pass. He got a nice block from MB and then jetted down the sideline to the end zone. Good news the O-line does not need to hold a block long as the ball comes out very quick.

Just a gut feeling, the “O” line will be ready. Again it is no small point that they go against CTG’s “D” in practice each day.

Least forget that the rest of the offense also improves playing a quality “D” in practice.

Speaks to why it is called practice.

I truly enjoy watching CTG’s “D”. Once the ball is snapped you see a very focused effort to get to the ball.

Good skills on tackling, rapping up and taking the ball to the ground. It was good fun stuff to watch.

Our “D” front seven makes any group of DB’s look good.

The attitude of this defense, fine put the game on our shoulders. Ain’t nothing we can’t handle.

A flash past my mind watching the third quarter.

If I am a stud high school defensive player looking to go to college and play for a team that show cases defense, and learn skills to get me to the next level.

Might I just want to take a look at Georgia and CTG ?

Grandson’s and my son enjoyed watching the game between the hedges.

There is much interest to come back for a “Real” game this fall.

We enjoyed grilled pork tenderloin as the sun passed over the yardarm.

Those of age washed it down with a frostie brew. Life is good!

“132” days until we kick it off. Waiting on you Boofalow.

Enjoy the summer it will be August before we know it.

Pause and give thanks, we are blessed.

Have a great weekend and a safe week.

As always “Go Dawgs”
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Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens- G-Game plus one week 5 years 5 months ago #46656

Thanks YD1. Glad you had a wonderful time. Can't wait until I can spend some time in the "Classic City".

Here is a second hand report from one of my tailgating partners:

1. Overall team looked good, defense seeded to dominate but that was to be expected. Lot of improvement has been made on offense though.
2. Lemay is going to be a beast. After AM, we have no worries.
3. IC looked strong and in control. Got three standing O's and seemed to know exactly what is expected from him. Total package.
4. #82, Scott Wesley I think is his name, is a monster on the outside.
5. Jay Rome looked bigger and had better hands than OC (from what he saw). He hopes that is the case and we use him!
6. O line needs improvement, but if we get the ball out quick to corners, to backs out of backfield, or to tight ends over middle we should have no worries.

He said most balanced offensive unit he has witnessed in a while. Hopefully we will continue to improve and use all weapons we have.
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Re: From Athens- G-Game plus one week 5 years 5 months ago #46657

Very encouraging reading what you folks have to say. Having watched the scrimmage on ESPN3 a couple of times, leads me in this direction.

Believe that we are going to see formations on offense that include two tight ends, IC and maybe Marshall lining up in the backfield together. Both of these speedsters can catch the football, causing a multitude of problems for ANY DEFENSE. Florida did this to us for many years when we go back and check some of their formations.

Couple of incoming O linemen will also transition nicely into Friend's line of scrimmage. There is hope for this O line becoming better than what we had for the last couple of years. When I say that, mean man for man each position on the starting group. Find out in September. :)
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Re: From Athens- G-Game plus one week 5 years 5 months ago #46658

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How Bout them Dawgs!!!!!!!

Ride it like you stole it
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