RECRUITING - - - A "Real Beginning"

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2016 Recuiting is going to give us insight to the value of the changeover.

Media is going to play this part of college football up big time. Actually can't blame them for that, championship is over and done with for 2015 shortly. Time for beat writers and the media giants (?) to cover us up with the “maybe stuff”.

Interesting part from where I sit will be the value of the new hires. I do not think for a minute that there will not be some names coming our way that many of us are unaware of. That is a good thing.

No way Kirby Smart hires folks that are behind the eight ball. Still looking around and the upside for Chaney and Pittman coaching in Athens appears to be a home run for the Red and Black.

Going to follow this recruiting thread up when I see or read anything that I believe helps us.

Still have my fingers crossed for a few that have been recruited by current and former coaches.

Realize that many don't look at the same players that I do, that is a good reason to post if you have information, for damn sure I have missed recruiting efforts more than once on prized players.

The article below was posted after this thread was started and we have been head strong on the hiring of Jim Chaney and Sam Pittman. Guess we were spot on . . . . eh.

Sometimes it is understandable that Dawgs.com gets past the "fluff".

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Pulled this from the Game Day Thread . . . . Post #18

Timelines mean a "lot" to "many" . . . .

Tony Eason, Jacob's Dad played in the NFL, he understands.

Kansas State has a very good defensive line.


Watched Arkansas offensive line against Kansas State. If that is any indication of what we can look forward to in the next couple of years, what a change it will be from our past. Again, not knocking the young men that have played on the offensive line, backhanded shot at the previous leader. Not a lot of thought was put into the area that has been lacking for most of the past 15 years.

Alabama offensive line and Arkansas offensive line, look a lot alike to me. So, we now have a head coach that has been around the players in Tuscaloosa and an offensive coordinator and offensive line coach that spent time in Arkansas.

There was a reason for Bielema gathering the offensive line players and making their way to Sam Pittman's home. Good move Kirby Smart.

One of the first moves by Kirby Smart, more and more I am impressed . . . . hired much needed help on the offensive side.

2016 will be more than interesting. Lots of help remain on the defensive side, and from all indications, good sense has found its way to the offensive side.

Go Dawgs
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Don't have any way of knowing who read the beginning of this thread.

Last few days the media has been covered up with the "downfall" of Georgia recruiting. Really?

Take one step back with me . . . .

As has been said on this board more than once and recently . . . . there is a new sheriff in town. Fact.

Offensive lineman recruit pulls out and only he has his reasons for that, for damn sure the beat writers and others in the media do not go into any type of explanation. Looking for those "clicks".

Offensive hires by Coach Kirby Smart are well schooled in who they want on their side of the ball. I would wager both hires of offensive coordinator and offensive line coach will totally change the way football is recruited and taught in Athens, it will not be a replay of the previous head coach's agenda.

What I see going on is what has been missing in the Classic City . . . . a plan, an aggressive plan. These coaches are not playing a simple numbers game. Meaning, allowing the media to place stars and positioning our team on a scale of 1 to whatever.

Another media way of keeping the bleeding hearts and others "clicking".

There will be a time when the "bleeding hearts" and those that recognize what is "actually" happening in Athens a time to "face off".

I know that Dawgs.com is read by many that play the game as mentioned above. Come to this board and let's have an "open, truthful discussion".

There will be a lot of "stuff" presented by the "outsiders" . . . . until the change shows real improvement, and it will under leadership that is just that, real leadership. That has been a "void" in Athens for too many "years".

Go Dawgs

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The following quote comes from Tony Eason, Jacob's father, who by the way played in the NFL, as many know.

“Pittman comes with the reputation as probably the best line coach in the United States right now in college football,” Tony Eason said. “In the last four years, his guys have given up 42 sacks. That’s a very important stat. People think (we) are just looking at quarterback development. You know what it all goes through the O-line. You don’t play good football if you don’t have a good O-line.”

The above has been stated over and over again on Dawgs.com.

Chaney and Pittman I promise you have discarded every or almost every thought that pertained to Georgia offensive football, prior to their coming on board.

They will not be pushed or shoved into a corner by "anyone". There was a reason for Kirby Smart hiring these two coaches. They have the same thoughts that he does . . . . winning football games. Even beating football teams that are rated in the top 25 by the "talking heads". Beating teams that were rated in the polls as being above average, simply did not happen under the previous head coach.

I appreciate the first thing that Coach Smart did was recognize and put his "finger in the dike" . . . . a move that shows he understands what has "needed" to be done. No "aw shucks" coming from Coach Kirby Smart.

I have been following his recruiting visits since he left Tuscaloosa and another National Championship victory . . . . has not taken a breath . . . . going to be hell when he catches his "second breath".

Go Dawgs
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Right now the click seekers are using anything they can to draw people in. Noticed here lately they are headlining comments that were made in pressers weeks ago like it was something that just happened. Do believe by signing day we will be happy with this class no doubt this class will better fit the needs of the team than ones in the past.
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DAWGtm, one thing that I will bet the "farm" on . . . .

Coach Smart is first and foremost, a "teacher". My opinion, that has been a sore spot with our previous head coach from where I stand. Why do I say that? The first comment out of MR's mouth when released was . . . . I want to "coach again". Sometimes the truth comes out even when the person talking does not realize what he is saying.

MR had gone to sleep at the wheel. As I look back over the 15 years under his presence, what I see is a lack of leadership and truthfully not ready to become a head coach. Miami thinks they have found the "crown jewel", if so, just what is it that their head coach will do to improve on what "they" are playing up big time "media wise" in South Florida?

Comes down to this . . . . Public Relations Department in Miami is no different than the one in Athens. Their job is to do this . . . . sell the program, whether factual or not. Public Relations Department in Miami is focused on one thing with this hiring . . . . putting butts in the seats.

Reason for SEC Network success . . . . butts in the seats. Period.

MR was simply at best, an offensive coordinator. Lots of emphasis on everything that looks good to the fans. Have to say this, fans that don't have a clue to "team building". On this board they are referred to by some as . . . . "bleeding hearts".

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