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TOPIC: From Athens- Game Day Friday #8

From Athens- Game Day Friday #8 5 years 1 month ago #49781

Good Morning All,

Wlayton was correct last week sometimes it is hard to come up with anything to say.

For the better part of the last two weeks I have felt that I would have to reach up to touch bottom.

To be clear as many here have pointed out it was not the fact we lost to USC it was the total collapse and lack of effort given.

Players and coaches both.

Our biggest game with the SEC East on the line what’s not to understand?

We show up as Elmer Fudd and to do a repeat of what we have perfected.

Not winning when we need to

After watching both the USC-LSU and the WV - TT games I came away with the following

Both home teams won

Each was an upset

LSU and USC banged away at each other for all four quarters less than a touchdown won the game.

No quit from LSU or USC

WV went into shell shock (quit) like we did against USC when nothing worked. TT won going away.

Watched the train wrecks called Auburn and UT-little talent and less coaching

I had time to take Georgia for a late walk to the south forty before calling it a night.

She said remember Jerry McGuire? I said yes. What was his line?

“Show me the money”

CMR will be coach as long as the cash keeps flowing or until he quits

10-2 or 11-1 with a New Years Bowl game and does not matter if we win or lose.

Bowden,Papa Joe,and now Brown along with CMR have watched the train leave the station without them.

IMO it will take a further turn toward the worst before any changes are made.

Empty seats,no major TV coverage drying up the money will get our AD and new Prez moving.

It seems that there is very little voice from the majority of the alumni for change.

Being in better shape than Assburn and UT is of no comfort.

Without the needed changes we will remain the third best team in the east until UT pushes us to fourth.

Harsh -Yes

Fixable- no question yes

We need a coaching staff and players with as much passion for winning as we have.

The administration does not need to muzzle them once we do get a coaching staff that has a passion for success.

When the above takes place we will start moving toward our goal of a NC

Still proud to be a Dawg - Mad as hell yes-bitter no life is to short

This to shall pass - OK maybe not fast enough!

Pause and give thanks

Have a great weekend and a safe week

As always “Go Dawgs”
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Go Dawgs!
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Re: From Athens- Game Day Friday #8 5 years 1 month ago #49786

Good morning yd1.....one thing that IS consistent in Bulldog Nation is your excellent and spot on Friday posts. A big thank you!!!

CMR isn't going anywhere

The game has passed him

McGarity is stuck "between a rock and a hard place"

Still will watch our Dawgs with nervousness, intensity and passion as always....but with added emptiness

Still don't have much to say, kinda hard to talk when you have been kicked in the stomach.

WILL have a cool one for you yd1 and hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Re: From Athens- Game Day Friday #8 5 years 1 month ago #49790

Good luck to the Dawgs this weekend. It's Kentucky, so I'm sure we will be okay.

It will be fun to see fist pumping and chest bumping announcing all is right again
after we beat up a total chump.


Go gettem' boys... You're only one more defeat of SC and an improbably victory
over UF away from backing into another meaningless east title and inevitable
arse whipping at the hands of the west champ.

Good luck with all that, MR
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